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Just4keepers Scandinavia

All you need to know about goalkeeping

The training includes many hours of effective Goalkeeper training based on the theme of the goalkeeper’s basic technique. The training is led by professional instructors focusing on individual skill development.

Training Content
We practice different types of keeper technical elements in order to protect the goal
For example, we will train different techniques that can be used at different finishes towards goals. At each training we develop the goalkeeper’s strength, coordination and technique, which is the most important component of today’s goalkeeping together with the work with the feeJust4keepers is an international goalkeeping school and is found around the world. We will hold goalkeeping camps abroad during the year 2020.


Improve your
basic technique

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Basic technique


Just4keepers Scandinavia

Mikael Mähler

Have been a goalkeeper coach for 15 years now. He is well known for his dedication and knowledge of goalkeeper development at all ages. Don’t miss the opportunity to be in one of his classes.

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is this class for everyone?

No the class is from 15 and up. From 15 to 18 you need a parent with you and can’t travel alone

should i bring any equipment?

Information will be sent three weeks before the departure

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  • class time:
  • class age: From 15 and up
  • workout intensity:
  • group size: up to 10 people
  • location: Coming soon

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